Consider Hiring These Home Service Businesses to Improve Your Home Value

      It is a common practice for homeowners to want to renovate and tidy up their homes in order to improve the value of their homes. People intuitively want their homes to look appealing, and to be beautiful and comfortable places to live in. This is a driving motivator to lead homeowners to perform home remodels and renovations. You may want to do a lot of this yourself. However, if improving the home value and getting a return on your investment (ROI) is a key goal in your renovations, it is a good idea to consider home service businesses to help you maximize those goals. When you are thinking of remodeling your interior or your exterior, use this roadmap to hiring the best home service businesses for your renovation needs.


      Many homeowners will install fencing around their homes for many reasons. Among those reasons are to improve the curb appeal of their homes, increase security and privacy, and create boundaries for property lines and family safety. A good fence for your home will accomplish all of these things. It will also increase the value of your home, and give you a nice return on your investment.

      Most experts and fence companies will tell you to expect that the return on your investment for a fence around your home can be as high as 50 to 70 percent. You can achieve this goal by doing the fence yourself. However, adding fencing contractors to your list of home service businesses could get you an even higher return on your investment. They will be able to help you to understand how to maximize your ROI, while still staying on budget.

      The materials that you use to achieve this goal will largely determine what your ROI for this project will be. Stone or metal fencing will give you an ROI on the higher end of the scale. Wooden fences can still get you as much as 50% ROI. Talk to your contractors when they give quotes on how to get the most ROI for your renovating project.

      AC Installation

      An air conditioning installation service is on the list of top home service businesses with good cause. When you have this project done properly, you could achieve as much as 71% ROI. That is because new home buyers want to put an offer in on a home that doesn’t need a lot of renovating. Having to add a new HVAC system or air conditioning system is an expensive remodel that will come off of the offer of your home.

      Many factors will go into the value of the ROI on your home. Among them are the brand of the HVAC system, and how energy-efficient is the HVAC system. The brand of an HVAC system will matter because it will be the brand that brings credibility and value to the system. Talk to various home service businesses in air conditioning in order to determine what brand will accomplish this goal for you.

      In a world where climate change and energy efficiency are household terms, you want to bring efficient electric costs into your AC remodel. A good AC system will not only bear a good ROI on your remodel, but it will also bring your electric bills down. Again, knowing what kind of AC to install that can do this is the knowledge that will come with a good contractor in air conditioning. Consider renovating your AC installation to accomplish a few major goals when it comes to your home remodel.

      Bathroom Remodel

      There is an adage that the kitchens and the bathrooms will sell a home to new home buyers. It is a wise investment then to consider a bathroom remodel, or a few throughout your lifetime in your home. Most bathroom home service businesses will say that your bathrooms should get done every 10 to 20 years. You can do something as simple as a bathroom faucet repair or replacement, or redo the entire room to give it a facelift.

      The ROI on a bathroom remodel can be as high as 70%. It will depend on the kind of remodel that you perform. Adding a few cubbies or shelves to improve space and storage may not yield the same kind of ROI that a brand-new sink and shower will. When you are remodeling your bathroom, really consider what you want to spend, knowing the return on this investment will be very good.

      If you are simply changing fixtures and paint, your remodel will not likely cost you more than a few thousand dollars. However, changing everything from the tub and shower to the tiling on the floor will cost between $15 and 20 thousand dollars. The size of your bathroom will also play a role here. You will see this budget come back to your bottom line on your home offers when you decide to put your house up for sale.

      Kitchen Remodel

      Most experts will value the kitchen remodel of your home to have an ROI that is between 51 and 72 percent. Again, what you add or change in your kitchen will be the answer to how your investment pays off. The size of your kitchen and what you want to change in it will determine your budget, and also the ROI. If you are merely giving the kitchen a facelift, you can expect to keep your budget on the low side.

      If, however, you are adding appliances and moving major fixtures around, tearing down walls, and moving things around, your budget will be higher. At the same time, you could very well see an incredible return on the investment. A brand-new kitchen is one that buyers will not have to remodel unless they don’t like the taste or style. Talk to different kitchen remodeling companies and home service businesses that specialize in kitchens to find out what you will need to do to maximize your ROI with your budget for your kitchen remodel.


      A new roof is an incredible return on your investment when you are performing renovations. It is estimated that you can get as much as a 121% ROI on a new roof. That is because every homeowner knows this expense is coming to them at some point during their time in the home. New buyers will be much more interested in your home if it is coming with this problem solved.

      When you are gathering estimates from home service businesses for your roof, be sure to talk to your roofer contractors about materials. Materials are the single most important factor in the lifespan of a good new roof. Shingles will give your roof approximately 20 years. However, metal roofs are the most durable and may last for as many as 50 years.


      When you are remodeling, you may consider working on your interior stairs to give your home a little interior facelift. You may have to do this in certain situations. If your interior staircase needs a structural repair, with steps missing or a broken railing, or more, a renovation is going to be necessary. Take the time that you need to perform the research on remodeling your staircase, and this will give you an idea of what kind of budget you will need.

      For stairs, unless you are a general contractor yourself, you will want to invest in home service businesses to get the job done. This is for structural and safety purposes. The staircase is going to be something that will add to the value of your home, and a renovated one will certainly create a wow factor for new home buyers. Get estimates from several professionals that can bring your staircase to life on your budget.


      An arborist is someone who is an expert in trees, and an excellent service to have on your list of home service businesses. With a tree service to your home, you can remodel the exterior of your home and add to the value of your home. Trees will always produce a return on your investment, relative to the value of the tree. A tree service can survey your land and help you to optimize this value by getting you the right trees, and ensuring they are planted correctly.

      Also with a tree service, you will have a contractor on hand who can help you with the maintenance and caring for your trees. An arborist is a tree doctor who understands your land, climate, and trees inside out. They will have seen every type of tree illness or injury, and know how to treat yours. You can use arborists for existing tree issues, or add more trees to your property as you see fit.

      Tree Care

      When you are working on the exterior of your home and remodeling your curb appeal, you will want to ensure that you have tree care performed on your property. A professional arborist is the best option here because they are the true experts. For home service businesses to your exterior property, an arborist can help you clean up your yard in a way that increases its value. Arborists are certified professionals that will pay for themselves in time.

      Tree planting is only one of the things a tree expert can do. They can also prune and maintain any of the trees on your lot. Additionally, they will diagnose your trees and help you to keep them safe. If you need trees maintained or removed, a good arborist will know how to do that too.

      The biggest advantage of an arborist is that they know what a tree needs, and how to get that to them. You may think watering and some pruning on occasion is all that you need to do with the trees on your property. But you may need more than that. Tree removal, tree planting, and tree maintenance will all add to the ROI of your home.

      Storm Cleanup

      Storm cleanup is one of those tasks that can be a disaster in the making that feels bigger than the disaster itself. When you have cleanup needs on your property after a storm, the sooner you get that done the better. However, storm cleanup after storm damage can be frightening, and even a safety hazard in itself. You will be better served, and your home will be too if you enlist home service businesses that are experienced in storm cleanup.

      Storm damage cleanup can mean many things. It will likely mean lifting and moving many big and heavy objects that have fallen during a storm. It could mean a hole in the roof, a blocked driveway, or structural damage. In addition to these issues, you may have contents and debris to clean up.

      Invest in a storm damage company to help you to clean up this mess. Get some quotes from multiple providers. They can give you an idea of what you need to do and how much it will cost. The investment in damage cleanup will be well worth it in the long run.

      AC Repairs

      Before you sell your home, you will want to get air conditioning repairs done on it. If you have any issues with your HVAC system, a full repair will be in order. If you don’t maintain your air conditioning already, consult with many service businesses that do to see what you need. A cleaning may be all you need to repair your HVAC to good working condition before you sell.

      When you are selling your home or want to increase its value when the interest rates are good, create a list of contractors to use from this guide. Always remember to get several quotes from multiple contractors before you perform any renovations. Experts are the way to increase the value of your home. When you have the right experts, your home will become more beautiful the right way, and you will benefit from the outcome in many ways. These are just some of the many things to consider. Be sure to find a business that has positive reviews and can complete what you need done.

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