Questions to Ask Commercial General Contractors

      Commercial general contractors are often sizable businesses and should operate like one. Their employees and contractors should recognize that the general contractor has documented and broadly understood professional management procedures. Employees and contractors should understand what is expected of them and the appropriate approach to take when representing the company.

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      They should know who to contact to get the answer where they need more understanding.
      When considering general contractors for future work, it’s crucial to understand their approach to managing their business and projects. For instance, how do they manage liens, including those of subcontractors and the subcontractors’ subcontractors? How do they qualify subcontractors for each project, ensuring a reliable and competent team? Good commercial general contractors recognize they are only as strong as their weakest subcontractor.
      How does the general contractor perform quality assurance and quality control while onsite? What tools do they use? What do their project kickoff and closing meetings look like? Can the general contractor show how they document lessons learned on projects and provide examples of changes made based on lessons learned?
      The questions reflect the goal to work consistently, subject to the need to adapt by project. They also work to continuously improve by looking for lessons learned, adapting based on them, and communicating those changes to all employees, subcontractors, and other suppliers.

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