What to Know About Owning a Family Dental Practice

      Though the term dentistry may simply evoke ideas of routine check-ups and simple repairs, this industry is related to a lot more serious processes. Whether it’s applying a selection of fillings or assessing the signs of oral cancer, dentists are responsible for keeping us safe and well in the same way as any other medical professional. But, since there are so many dental surgeries located up and down the country, it can be hard for these professionals to keep up with the wealth of dynamic competition that surrounds them. Therefore, this article will discuss everything you need to know about the best practices for owning a family dental practice.

      1. Make Your Services Affordable

      No matter the circumstances, we’re all eager to save money. So, if you’re known for using copious amounts of coupons at the grocery store, why not apply the same strategy at your local dentist? If you find yourself wincing at the price of your regular treatments or even put off going for regular check-ups for fear of how much it will cost you, it’s good practice to conduct some research so that you can find a professional that’s more within your price range. This is especially aimed at those who are looking to find some affordable dental implants to help them to achieve the award-winning smile they’ve always dreamed of. For dentists, this may not seem like the best technique to help you gain exponential levels of revenue, but it can actually help you to become more competitive in your local area. If your peers are charging very high prices for simple treatments, consider charging a much lower price at your own dental practice. This can attract money-saving consumers who are looking to stay within the confines of their budget whilst still receiving top-quality service. Therefore, simply doing the opposite of your competitors can bring you a lot of success when it comes to owning a family dental practice.

      2. Keep the Space Neat and Tidy

      When working toward owning a family dental practice, it’s imperative that you maintain the overall look and feel of your surgery. Although having the best types of equipment and the fanciest technology can help your customers feel as if they’re enjoying a very luxurious experience, it’s also important that your patrons feel like they’re inside a very clean space. High levels of hygiene are very important in any medical environment but are especially vital in dentistry as the patient can often be exposed to a large variety of germs. If you or your staff are struggling to keep up with your usual cleaning schedule, you may be better off hiring some local office cleaning companies to offer you a helping hand. Alongside making the place look spotless, some of these companies offer a very specialized service, such as cleaning specific machines or keeping the place smelling great. According to Desert Oasis Cleaners, this service normally costs $0.11 per square foot, so it can be seen as a very affordable cost for most dental surgeries. In turn, your patients are more likely to feel relaxed and at ease as they lose themselves in your flawless clinic.

      Though you may try your hardest to keep your space immaculate, it’s likely that your clinic is still teeming with small pieces of debris. Whether it’s packaging from various pieces of equipment or small dust particles from a selection of routine cleaning treatments, it’s impossible to keep your space unblemished at all times. However, if you’re keen to take your cleaning practices to the next level, consider reaching out to an acclaimed debris removal company. These professionals can help you get rid of an abundance of trash, ensuring that you have more space for vital items and stopping your general waste bins from overflowing. This is also an invaluable service for those who are in the process of renovating their dental surgery and looking to use a dumpster to store all of their useless belongings. This Old House explains that a standard debris removal process usually costs anywhere from $200-$250, so this is a very cost-effective way to give your clinic a new lease on life.

      3. Use Adequate Flooring Methods

      Though it can be tempting to want to use luscious carpets or sleek wooden floorboards throughout your clinic, this may not be the most practical approach when it comes to owning a family dental practice. Not only can this type of flooring be very difficult to maintain, especially if it comes into contact with frequent spills and stains, but it can also make your surgery seem unprofessional and gimmicky. For those looking for a much more suitable option, be sure to reach out to a few native flooring companies for some more advice. Usually, dentists will use sheet vinyl as their flooring of choice since it’s wipe-clean and incredibly durable. It’s also available in a range of neutral colors which can help to evoke feelings of calm and serenity in your customers. This type of flooring is also very important when it comes to moving custom dental cabinetry as they are less likely to leave scratches and scuff marks on this type of surface. So, this floor is more likely to last longer, even when customers and staff are walking on it often. Synchrony notes that sheet vinyl normally costs $1-$2 per square foot, so if you own a small clinic, this can also be considered to be the cheapest option.

      4. Offer a Range of Cosmetic Treatments

      Though it may not be to everyone’s tastes, cosmetic dentists are becoming more and more popular. These professionals focus mostly on non-essential treatments that can help to increase the look of a person’s smile, rather than treat any serious health complaints. As such, they tend to carry out services such as teeth whitening or veneers. In spite of the fact that it could seem inappropriate to offer these treatments when owning a family dental practice, it can be a great way to gain high levels of revenue and profits. In turn, you have the prime opportunity to diversify your wide catalog of services and strive to target a market with a lot more buying power. Thus, alongside collecting general patients, you can also work to accumulate those who are looking to give their teeth an added touch of TLC. In addition, since these services are so favored by celebrities and influencers these days, they can aid your clinic in seeming more contemporary and affluent. The Consumer Guide to Dentistry explains that professionals tend to charge $500 to $850, so even this simple treatment can offer your clinic the chance to reap the benefits of a very lucrative revenue stream.

      5. Ensure That Your Staff Are Properly Trained

      We all like to enjoy good customer service and this idea also applies to when we visit the dentist. A group of friendly and educated staff members can make your clinic seem more approachable and amicable, which is vital in a sector like dentistry where you’re likely to be working on very nervous patients. Also, when your employees are clued up on a series of different dental procedures, it can make your patrons seem more at ease and can also make your establishment more professional. But, if your workforce is lacking in this area, it can cause harsh problems for your business in the long run. Therefore, it’s advised that you offer a wealth of resources and training so that your staff are well aware of how they should be interacting with their patients on a daily basis. Highly sought-after institutions like All-Star Dental Academy offer an assortment of comprehensive training programs to help your staff become more familiar with the essential pillars of effective customer service. For those owning a family dental clinic on a budget, this establishment also offers a range of free webinars to help you and your staff gain an abundance of useful knowledge.

      6. Accept Different Types of Insurance

      Navigating the right type of health insurance can be a complex feat for many Americans, especially when it comes to dental care. Although the vast majority of health insurance companies offer complete dental coverage, some don’t. Therefore, a lot of patients may be forced to pay out of pocket for vital treatments such as check-ups and dental crowns. As such, it’s important when owning a family dental practice to try and accept as many different types of health insurance policies as possible. This can also help you become more attractive to a wide range of customers, which can also aid you in becoming more competitive and superior in your area. It’s also good practice to accept uninsured patrons because this can also be a good way to increase your earnings. Considering that Guardian Life notes that a standard dental appointment for an uninsured person can cost $100-$300 per visit, this can be a great way to serve new customers who may be in need of a quick fix.

      7. Keep an Eye Out for Pests

      If you’re working in a very old building or have a clinic based on a highly populated street, you must work to keep pesky rodents at bay. Not only can these creatures enter your premises via open doors and windows, but they can also come in via small cracks and gaps within your roof. This is especially true for much larger animals such as birds and bats. As such, these creatures can be an unsightly experience for your patients and put you at grave risk of violating a ton of important health and safety laws. Thus, if you start to hear uncomfortable noises above you, it’s best to get in touch with some roofing services as soon as possible. These contractors can help to eliminate these unwanted animals and help to secure any entryways within the structure of your roof. Plus, this is also a great way to save money as it stops the hot air from escaping, ensuring that you don’t have to keep constantly cranking up the heating during the winter months. Forbes explains that these contractors tend to charge $40 to $60, which may seem expensive to some, but this can be a really effective way to transform your space when owning a family dental practice.

      8. Use Social Media Marketing

      Social media is viewed as a powerhouse when it comes to marketing your business and isn’t that difficult to implement in your own business. So, even if you don’t consider yourself to be very tech-savvy, you still have the potential to enjoy the benefits associated with this technique. Dentist offices could start by setting up a few social media profiles and posting content every couple of days relating to the surgery or the treatments available. If you really want to up your game, consider hiring a social media marketing manager to help you deliver a collection of engaging and effective campaigns. These individuals focus on helping your business build a firm social media strategy by tracking your key metrics and uploading content on a consistent basis. A lot of these people also work as freelancers, meaning that you can hire them only when you need them and don’t have to deal with the stress or commitments associated with hiring someone full-time. Sprout Social states that these professionals tend to charge anywhere from $500-$10,000 per month, so it’s incredibly likely that you’ll find a freelancer that will adhere to the needs of your clinic and budget.

      The struggles associated with owning a family dental practice are quite common, but with the right services and resources by your side, you can help your surgery see grandiose levels of success. Alongside high levels of acclaim and recognition, it’s imperative that your clinic works to appease the needs of patients, especially when it comes to customer needs and offering a wide range of services. Thus, if you’re interested in owning a family dental practice and collecting an abundance of avid customers, be sure to implement the advice and guidance discussed throughout this article.

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