What Local Plumbers in Memphis Think About the Plumbers Union

      When plumbers consider whether to join a union, there are some things to consider. There are both good and bad aspects to being a union member, as mentioned in the video. Consider the pros and cons associated with union membership. Learn more about what Memphis plumbers think about the union.

      Union Dues

      Union dues can be costly to some plumbers. The fees go to the training center, educating new plumbers, and maintaining the union’s processes.

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      While most agree that the money is for a good cause, they may not want to part with a portion of their paycheck.

      Employee Wages

      When plumbers are part of a union, contractors pay higher employee wages. There’s also limited incentive to perform well. The plumber is paid the same regardless of sales and completed jobs. This is a disadvantage to many independent contractors in Memphis.

      Increased Project Prices

      Union wages are higher, which translates into higher project costs for customers. That means the company may lose customers because other plumbers can complete the job cheaper.

      Union Culture

      Union culture can be off-putting. Older members can be overbearing and conduct business in an old-fashioned manner. This stance can be a disadvantage to new members. The union is also very policy and may not appeal to people who don’t care for politics.


      Many local plumbers may shy away from joining a union or may decide to leave. The union’s reputation is mixed, so it’s up to each individual to determine if they want to join or stay.


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