How to Start a Digital Marketing Service

      Looking to earn a six-figure annual income while largely being able to work from home or while traveling? Starting a digital marketing service agency offers one way to do so, although setting up an agency is easier said than done. That said, with some focus, applied effort, and a bit of smarts, many people can find success in digital marketing.

      You’ll find tons of paid online courses, but here’s the trick: you rarely have to spend on these programs because there are many free alternatives available as well. Rather than spending money, you can use free resources to brush up your skills.

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      As you level up, you may reach a point where you need some specific guidance or insights into more complex tools. Sometimes, you’ll have to pay for this, but it’s better to get the basics down for free first.

      That said, be wary of coaches. Many coaches are great and are still relevant experts in their field. Some coaches, however, make all of their business through coaching. Their business model is simply to sell more coaching services, and that can lead to some misaligned incentives. With some personal gumption and finding the right thought leaders, however, you will increase your chances of successfully setting up a thriving digital marketing agency.


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